Monday, August 29, 2011

beginning process of writing my screenplay

Ultimately I told him I loved the sun. We all loved the sun. Their eyes were shut, bodies flat, no questions, no answers. And I can take my hat off, or crack a smile, but what else is there to say? And what is the price? A sneeze. A chew.

So I'll live to remember all that we forget. And once I return or leave, whichever it may be, there will be no difference or sum. But this I can really only inference. We're all full of shit. And light.


- What's your favorite thing to do before sex?
+ I like finding the green light.
- Does she understand how much we work?
+ That's not her intention.
- Give and take with different common sense.
+ It's allowed. Not really invited. What makes an attempt?
- Well, what is she sensitive to?
+ Class.
- I've never seen a little boy suck in his belly...


-You could say we choose things. But there's a whole lot we don't choose.
+ like what?
- The mother standing there... feeding her baby.
+ Yeah, but she's a reflection of an act of choice.
- A necessary choice. Is that contradictory?
+ I'd just wait it out.
- Try to be inspired then. Quit chasing the birds!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taste The Mess

I felt it inside of me
watching a bee buzzing by
wondered where it got its spark?
how it got its heart?

Then a spider spun a web
and I could see the arks
of lines and times spent
moving apart.

Well the power to tell time came from your mind
the will to win came from your mother...

So instead of creeping along,
lets make one full swoop!
with the force that we've got
and this wonderful world full of soup.

Can you taste the mess?
Can you feel your best about your sparks?
Can you taste the mess?
Can you feel your best about your sparks?

Well the power to tell time came from your mind
the will to win came from your mother...


the distance the earth is from the sun, is of utmost importance, when understanding life.

the distance the nearest diner is from my humble abode, needs be closer.

the sun

it's important.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

As God as my witness, I will try to make mathematics approachable

Math is too cool, too interesting and too relevant to be thought of as the subject, "I can't do." The reality of that situation is that the person who stood before you, "Can't Teach Math." There are so many things to take notice and note of, but recently, I believe there is a large problem with the way in which we teach mathematics. When something is taught poorly, it is not always an easy fix when faced with the proportion of who was taught right, or who is capable to teach it properly.

The point is, it's important to teach it properly. There really are explanations in mathematical language, and for better or worse, much of our life is surrounded by it. So there is the reason in its applicability. But the great thing about us as human beings is our consistent imagination, and our wonder. In some ways, math seems limitless, and yet so focused. This balance, this creation not just made by our minds but created in Natural Laws can be tangible, fun and immensely inspiring.

I imagine a day, inspiring children to figure math out on their own. To explore the ways it works, and to understand its ambiguity and wonder, but also its quirky rules, and why. This helps each other learn, and create our own flare with mutual understanding. How differently our brains can come to mutual reason through different mathematical processing is a skill not to be forgotten. This kind of awareness is essential.