Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dry Ice

I never took chemistry. I somehow avoided it and regretfully don't know much more than the idea of it. Today in the mail, came a box filled with dry ice and buffalo meat, a gift sent to Parker for his birthday. I was more excited about the dry ice, as I placed it into a plastic cup, given free to me at the Big Texan from Amarillo, TX. The clouds of vapor were swaying whichever way I directed them too.

After a while I wanted to figure out how to take the really big piece and make it "smoke." With excitement, I threw the largest piece into a metal mixing bowl. Parker, worried and trying to change my mind, did not speak fast enough. As soon as I tossed the block in, it started violently reacting with the metal in the bowl, sending vibrations through my hands up to my arms. Trying to control my laughter, and not cause any harm, I tossed the ice right back into its container.

I wish I knew more about chemistry. But earlier this morning, I wished I had more mystery. So I'll accept the mystery for now, and allow the spontaneous reaction to become real. It is still incredible to know that the chemistry which exists in our world, involves strong reactions.