Friday, March 12, 2010

Battle: Influence VS Reality

I am so easily influenced. But, aren't we all? I don't know. Being an "extremist," I might change at a faster rate than average.

As a female in my twenties, my perspective is constantly developing. But it's fascinating how easily I can contradict my own thoughts. And how reality can shift unconsciously, subconsciously, whatever...

Throughout time, we have evolved from a reaction to our changing environment. And as highly re-active human beings it's to no surprise that we are easily altered by a change, any kind of change really. It's funny when you come to realize how quickly your own perceptions can become completely different than before. And once you are conscious of how easily that happens, you can make better choices in what you want to believe. BUT - it's all truth.

This can be seen at a macroscopic and microscopic level. Think about a food add. You probably didn't want a cheeseburger before you saw it slide (or flop) on that sesame bun. Instantaneously, you want a damn burger. Or when you look at a painting, a good film, all of a sudden you may see a different reason for existence that you never saw before. And how that one stroke has influenced your thoughts, on a very big level, at almost a blink of an eye. It happens fast, and in my opinion almost seamlessly. Our environment can so readily shape our immediate needs as well as our larger philosophical, spiritual beliefs.

So what does that say about human beings in general? Are we intellectual sluts? Waiting for the next big mental bang?

I can't tell if I'm becoming an existentialist or what, but I feel like we have the choice to believe whatever we want to believe, and reality can be very individualistic. But ultimately, does it matter? And are the vast array of beliefs really that different? Is there one common goal?

A form of release?

I'm confused again.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: If our brains are so easily influenced by truth, what is true truth? Or is it all just a story?



  1. Good for you.... I love the idea that you are writing... kind of stream of conscience.... it's all good!

  2. Its all a story. Which is not to say it isn't true.. its whatever we need it to be.

    I dig the Tom Robbins vibe btw