Wednesday, October 27, 2010

don't forget why there is science

I feel like writing. I'm in Los Angeles, CA and I've been living here for a little over two months. I'm finding that a lot of people here like to decorate their home with inspiration from Zen Buddhism, and feel the need to connect with some form of Eastern spirituality. Except, they like the materials and the image of the idea, rather than the purpose.
While currently unemployed, I have indulged in two readings, Sophie's World and The Scientists: A history of science told through the lives of the greatest inventors. I'm learning the development of "European" philosophy and science, and the creators of these subjects. In my lense, they are inspiring individuals with extreme creativity and passion for purity in thought, through reason and curiosity. These are the fathers of philosophy, math, astronomy and more to come, and they seem just as "Christ-like" as any other spiritual figure. My particular communication goal is to put clearly the fact that science and philosophy were set forth with good, honest intention. Unfortunately, through some force of "evil," it has been manipulated and abused by groups such as Pharmaceutical companies, Nuclear chemists etc.
The concrete goals for thought such as how does the universe work, where does an idea come from, and nature vs. nurture, were created through method and specific people searching for meaning. I think it is unwise to appreciate or not appreciate an idea, without understanding how it came to be, and the people that played rolls in a historical evolution.

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