Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bad Coffee

I'm drinking a latte*, prepared by a coffee-mate espresso machine bought at a tag-sale, spring 2009, in Somerville, Massachusetts. While it was only a five dollar expense**, buying a 10 dollar italian stove top espresso maker would have probably been a better investment. And yet, I'm hooked on the strength of espresso - and a queen of procrastination. Why do we put up with bad coffee? It is the beginning*** of our day and should be filled with satisfaction, warmth, and depth. But being a student, lacking funds for a top of the line espresso machine, I'll just say fug it and tomorrow I'll go for a detox tea! Its better for you anyways!
This one happens to be my favorite:

Have a stupendous Saturday!

*Mug bought in the Adirondack's town of Long Lake at Hoss's Country Store- great store, great buy.
** This happens to be the exact one
*** Beginning is relative.

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