Sunday, February 28, 2010


Standing on line at whole foods I stopped, and heard dozens of scanners, carts rolling, cans falling, people chatting, anxious energy and eyes all around. We are constantly overstimulated.

Unfortunately, I've been dealing with shoulder issues for the past two weeks and while there are many reasons for my shoulder problems, it's quite obvious that the constant chaos of modern life sure doesn't help the situation either.

My biggest challenge is to take that intensity and stress OUT of my body, where it stores, and builds, until it effects my head and continues to rotate and destruct --particularly in my shoulders. Whether we are aware of it or not, our body reacts to this perfect pandemonium.
So I say RELEEAASSEEEEE. I try and feel it and see it and BE it. I know, it sounds cheesy but to me its real right now and true. When you're feeling anxious or overstimulated, or not, slowly say to yourself RELEEAAASSEEE with a big looonnng yummy exhale.

Have a smooth Sunday!

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